This blog is a place for anime lovers to explore the wide world of anime from the comfort of their couches! I hope you enjoy my reviews, as I most certainly enjoyed writing them!

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Mystery Anime #2

My second “Mystery May” anime is on an incredible fantasy romance! What anime has a hero-turned-king, a harem full of gorgeous and amazing ladies, and a starving country threatened by its neighbors? Please check out my review to learn more and guess which anime I’m writing about!

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Mystery Anime #1

This “Mystery May” I’m starting off with a fantastic a Rom-Com like no other! What hilarious anime has a high school, a cross-dressing girl, and a bunch of attractive, hard-working boys? Please check out my review to find out more and to put in your guess for which anime I’m writing about!!

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Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is one of the best anime I have ever watched! The world is in danger and it’s up to a class full of middle school students to assassinate their strange teacher in order to save it! This thrilling sci-fi anime is chock full of incredible action and amazing characters! You don’t want to miss it! Check out the rest of my review to learn more!

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Kaizoku Oujo

Kaizoku Oujo is an incredibly beautiful anime! The story is very interesting, (if not a touch confusing) and the characters are superb! If you like action, adventure, ninja, and pirates, you’ll have to check out this anime! Please read the rest of my review to learn more!

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